Sushi Track Rebranding

UNI - Branding
Page Layout - Product Design

A small coveyor belt sushi shop once located in Beaverton, Oregon. Sushi Track was a bit of a hidden gem compared to most of its competitors.

Unfortunately Sushi Track is no longer around. It was a place my friends and I frequented regularly up until it closed its doors for good. Despite the great service it provided, it was the kind of place most people would glance over and not give a second thought to due to a lackluster visual identity. I took it upon myself to try and revamp the brand into something more reflective of it’s quality.

My take on the brand involved hand made, organic elements combined with a more polished professional layout. I wanted the quality of the sushi to be refelcted in the design while still maintaining that small shop feel with easygoing type choices.